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Your House | Reading Books to Kids

Thе Importance оf Reading Books tо Kids’ Personality Development

Whеn I gо tо уоur house, first thing I wоuld bе looking fоr іѕ уоur bookshelf. Yes, fоr іt speaks volume аbоut уоu.

People hoarding books hаvе favorable human relating thаn those whо don’t hаvе аnу. Yes, fоr books teach uѕ a lot оf things.
Gеt a story book аnd see hоw people behave іn thе story. Thеіr goal tо reach thе top rung оf thе ladder, ѕау career, business, etc. thеу соuld bе іn constant battle wіth thеіr inner demons.

Yes, еіthеr pride, envy, jealousy, оr ѕо оn соuld bе a bitter truth аbоut themselves. Learning hоw thеу face thеѕе аnd overcome іѕ something thаt саn bе done аlѕо whеn wе feel thе same travail.

Wе need tо bе good, kind аnd fair аnd juѕt ѕо аѕ tо bе called well-adjusted individuals. Fоr, living wіth оthеr people around, wе hаvе tо bе easy tо bе wіth, know оur boundaries аnd willing tо learn a thing оr two аbоut relating.

And, book reading іѕ one sure way tо gеt ourselves thе needed skills іn dealing wіth different people around. Vicarious learning іѕ key.

Whеn уоu read book character being thе butt оf jokes, оr maligned оr whаt, уоu tend tо gеt empathized. Yоu know thаt іt іѕ nоt a a good thing tо dо such оr receive such treatment. Thanks, tо books I hаvе read!

Whеn I made a survey wіth mу students, оnlу few оf thеm hаvе reading materials аt home. Thеу don’t hаvе аnу books aside frоm textbooks given bу thе school fоr thеm tо read fоr thе school year.

Thіѕ іѕ ѕо alarming, considering thе importance оf book reading tо a kid ѕо аѕ tо develop his/her comprehension skills, fluency аnd vocabulary, but more ѕо оn his/her appreciation оf human dynamics whеrе people hаvе different personalities, beliefs аnd аll, thus having different action-reactions tо a given issue, etc.

Young minds muѕt bе developed іntо well-rounded persons later. Thеу muѕt hаvе absorbed wisdom frоm great literature around аnd bе more sympathetic аnd wіth empathy tо аll, especially those beyond thеіr close contact. Challenges wіth biases, hatred wіth ѕоmе people –though irrational аnd аll, still persist bесаuѕе оf lack оf thе habit оf reading books аnd learning thе dynamics оf positive social interactions.

Those whо аrе wide аnd wild readers, іf уоu notice, thеу аrе silent аnd more easy tо bе wіth, thеу соuld gеt one’s uniqueness sans bias аnd prejudice аnd аll. That’s thе essence оf reading books whеrе wе become more understanding, supportive аnd what-not tо people around.

Hоwеvеr, thеrе аrе always exception tо thе rule: ѕоmе оf uѕ, hаvе thіѕ tenacity tо bе audaciously prejudiced a person. Even, so-called educated ones. Yes, true education іѕ seen оn hоw уоu deal wіth people beyond уоur close contact, thе way уоu treat thеm іѕ уоur оwn brand оf social adjustment: treat people well tо show уоur learned behavior gotten frоm varied readings, experiences аnd thе lіkе.

Sо thе next time I visit уоur house, kindly serve coffee оr tea… аnd a book whісh уоu hаvе read countless times! I mіght gеt something a wisdom frоm such аnd bе a better person thаn thе one I used tо bе. Juѕt kidding!


Grade school teacher, published author/article writer, grape nook grower, environment/IP advocate, social entrepreneur wannabe, аmоng оthеr great endeavors.


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How to Ecommerce Website | WordPress

Make an Ecommerce website with WordPress. And the best part is, everything I am using is 100% free.

More info:

In this video I will show you how to make an ecommerce website using WordPress. Now because the Astra Theme is free and WooCommerce is free, this combo will enable anyone to build a beautiful online store.

So if you want to build a website to sell products, and don’t want to pay the high monthly fees with Shopify, then this may be the solution for you.

All of my opinions in this video are my own, I was not paid to make this video. Whenever there is a link in any of my videos, if there is an affiliate program available, it’s safe to assume that you are clicking on an affiliate link. Please check my website for any associated bonus I may be offering, for supporting me, or ask in the comments below.

(10) Ecommerce Course – How to create Ecommerce website – Part 1

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Create a professional Ecommerce website:

Create a multi-vendor Ecommerce marketplace website:

How to create product landing page for lead generation?

Download Shopisle Free Theme


Premium Oswad Theme

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নোটঃ ৩৫০+ ডলার মূল্যের প্রিমিয়াম রিসোর্স প্র্যাকটিসের জন্য কোর্সের সাথে যুক্ত রয়েছে।

১। ওয়েবসাইট ডেভেলপমেন্ট
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In this bangla ecommerce tutorial I’ll help you understand the entire ecommerce business. By following the ecommerce method you could increase your sales & scale up your business. Basically ecommerce method means that you’ll selling your products or services through internet. You’ll learn everything you need to know about ecommerce business in this free bangla ecommerce course.

Design ecommerce store with Elementor

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Master wordpress website design with Elementor: beginner to Advanced with no coding&build wordpress ecommerce web Design:

WORDPRESS is that amazing tool to build & develop a website with no coding or web design experience and you don’t even want to know about web design to make a beautiful website because WordPress got all those breathtaking beautiful themes.

This is the perfect place to start your WordPress Web Design & Web development course.

This Course we will be using the latest techniques to design our WordPress website using the Elementor Drag & Drop page builder giving us the flexibility to design or do anything within our WordPress website without the restrictions of the WordPress themes talking our web design to the next level.

In the WordPress course we will be learning Web Design & demonstrating Design theories & Fundamentals including design ratios, colors, fonts & more to achieve the best design visuals possible for our web design & development including Latest Design Trends.

Also you will learn how to use the Elementor & WordPress theme to create a beautiful WordPress Ecommerce store that attracts your customers and shows your products at it’s best design aspect & presentation Managing all the store customizations including tax, shipping, sales & even discount coupons.

This is a very practical course i will walk you through the steps and together we will be building your WordPress website step by step so by finishing this course you will have your website designed with its customization & getting the best out of it.

I tried to make this wordpress web development course so concentrated straight to the point making it so complete in the shortest possible time editing all the loading boring times or excluding all the bla bla that is not going to be useful to the students.

WordPress is powering more 28% of overall internet websites. its a perfect tool & has been used for big websites like ( Mercedes benz, xerox, ebay inc, bestbuy..etc) & you can customize your wordpress website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a personal portfolio, a blog, or a business website to sell your products and services.

You will learn how to build & do web development for your wordpress website for free except for the hosting plan but everything else i will be showing you all the free methods to do it like the premuim even for elementor i will teach you to make it like a pro version with free plugins.

Some of my students comments on my best selling wordpress course :

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Summary of what you get from this course :

Know about the wordpress web development.
Wordpress Online hosting, Domains & subdomains.
how to optimize images & create creative Art direction with photoshop.
Master the brand new Elementor page builder.
Know how to convert to Elementor pro using free plugins.
how to web design your own beautiful Modern Responsive website using WordPress.
You will know how to design web pages, menus, sidebars, footers.
Apply Design rules to create professional, beautiful, Modern website for any purpose.
You will know how to set up contact pages & WordPress contact form.
how to set up email opt-in forms throughout your website for email marketing.
how to find and install plugins.
Complete woocommerce wordpress ecommerce plugin tutorial.
Build online 24/7 wordpress ecommerce store.
learn to create discount coupons & sale offers.
How to convert your website into https secure (encrypted connection & SEO ranking development).
How to master your online store in all details ( shipping, tax, payments..etc).
how to back up your WordPress website in case of emergency.
increase SEO ranking for your website with Analytics, webmaster tool & SEO plugins.
You will know how to speed up your website’s performance with caching plugins.
how to build official professional domain emails.
WordPress website migration and moving sites to different hosts and servers.

How to create a Master Ecommerce website with magento Step by step Part-1

How to install magento theme, how to install magento theme ob cpanel, how to install magento theme on server, how to install magento theme on localhost, how to install magento theme on localhost XAMPP, how to install magento theme manually, how to install magento theme on localhost wamp server, how to install magento theme from admin panel.

You are also learn…..

1. How to download & Install magento Premium theme 2018 100% work

2. How to create a magento website

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Wix Website Tutorial | Creating An Ecommerce Site With Wix

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In this video I am demonstrating how easy it is to create an eCommerce website using Wix is essentially a drag and drop website builder which is perfect for business owners on a shoestring budget. If you are looking for a wix tutorial then you have come to the right video as I will take you through the basics of wix and how you can use it to create a website in just a few minutes.

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Sam Dey

How To Create An Ecommerce Website l 7 Easy Steps (2018)

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► Shopify:
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► Fiverr:

Learn How to Create An Ecommerce Website In 7 Easy Steps

2)Domain URL
3)Chose A Theme
4)Customize Theme
7)Get Paid

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React Tutorial: Build an e-commerce site from scratch using React and Netlify

Lean step-by-step how to create a full e-commerce store web site using React.js. Also learn how to deploy the site using Netlify.

Set-up files:

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How to Make An Ecommerce Website with GODADDY 2019 – WORDPRESS

This video will teach you how to make an online store and ecommerce website with Godaddy 2019.
Demo website:

This tutorial uses the #1 best selling Flatsome theme for ecommerce websites. It is the most complete wordpress theme available.

Largest Hostgator discount code: NYCTECH30
Text tutorial:

Flatsome theme link: (affiliate link) – it works…I just shortened it using a URL shortener

This is an updated version of one of the most popular woocommerce tutorials on How to Create an Ecommerce Website Online Store with WordPress Using the FLATSOME THEME and Godaddy.

The Flatsome theme ( is the #1 ecommerce theme on wordpress that supports WooCommerce.

The flatsome theme that we’re using has everything that you need: a custom pagebuilder, 300+ premade layouts and designs, UX theme flatsome support, the best online store ecommerce website website builder ever

WordPress is the best content management system on the internet and helps you learn how to make an online store like no other CMS can. If you want to learn how to create an ecommerce website using wordpress and the flatome theme, this is the best and most up to date and updated theme video tutorial ever.

The website that we will be learning how to make with wordpress is an online store with godaddy. You will be able to sell anything with this website including affiliate products with amazon, virtual products, downloadable products, single variable products and variable products. We will walk you through, step by step, how to make any type of website you want to sell anything you want.

If you want to learn how to create an ecommerce website and you want to save thousands of dollars building it out yourself, watch this video because we will show you how. You don’t need to know any type of coding or programming whatsoever, just a laptop and a willingness to learn.

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Coupon code: NYCTECH30
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#ecommerce #wordpress #website

#6 How To Make ECommerce Website Using HTML CSS And Bootstrap Step By Step

Learn How to create an eCommerce Website in HTML CSS and Bootstrap step by step from start to end in this e-commerce website development tutorial series.

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In this eCommerce website development course you will learn to make an eCommerce website template from with HTML And CSS from beginning to end, step by step with explanation.


► Two Steps To Download the source code:

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2. Then Find all my videos source code link in community post only for channel members


You will learn to code fully responsive eCommerce website front end template with HTML CSS and Bootstrap.

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|HINDI| How to create a Website with Godaddy/WordPress |Step by Step Explained|

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or fir finally wordpress pr website bana kar dhikhayi hai

aasha karta hu ki aapko ye video pasand aaya hoga.

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E-Commerce Business

10 Easy Steps To Start Your E-Commerce Business |

In this video Dr Vivek Bindra talks about the E-Commerce Industry & How it will grow double by 2021.
He share in detail, 10 Tips for starting a E-Commerce Business.

Watch the video till the end to know about all the details of E-Commerce Industry and
how you can expand your business with the help of E-Commerce Industry.

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E-Commerce Business
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How to Create an Ecommerce Website

How to Create an Ecommerce Website with WordPress – ONLINE STORE 2018!

Demo site:
Learn how to make a professional ecommerce website with wordpress!! 2018 edition! Use coupon code: NYCTECH30 Text tutorial:

Hostgator link: (affiliate link)
Hostgator coupon code: NYCTECH30 (highest affiliate coupon code)
Shopkeeper Theme link: (affiliate link)

This video tutorial has everything you need to build and create an ecommerce website with wordpress and the woocommerce plugin. In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step how to to set up your wordpress website, to getting the premium shopkeeper theme, to uploading content and images, to creating all types of products, to setting up your online store, to publishing your ecommerce wordpress website.

12:07 Step #1: Register Domain and Hosting (affiliate link)
Use: NYCTECH30 for 60% off

19:13 Step #2: Install WordPress

21:55 Step #3: Log Into WordPress Website

24:15 Step #4: Get Shopkeeper Ecommerce WordPress Website Theme

27:12 Step #5: Install WordPress Theme

28:19 Step #6: Download Required Plugins

33:48 Step #7: Download and Install Demo Content

38:22 Step #8: Create Homepage and Blog Page

40:43 Step #9: Select Theme WordPress Settings

58:41 Step #9: (I repeated #9 in the video oops!) Modify URL and Permalinks

1:00:27 Step #10: Create Free Logo

1:07:20 Step #11: Customize Online Store Homepage

1:31:43 Step #12: Create Online Shop Page

1:33:04 Step #13: Add Widgets to Shop Page

1:35:31 Step #14: Create Simple Products for Ecommerce Website

1:47:51 Step #15: Create Variable Products for Online Store

2:02:42 Step #16: Select Woocommerce Settings

2:35:03 Step #17: Customize Category Pages

2:40:28 Step #18: Make About Page for Online Store in WordPress

3:03:20 Step #19: Create Contact Us Page

3:08:56 Step #20: Create Blog Posts

3:15:36 Step #21: Create FAQ Page

3:26:19 Step #22: Create Privacy Policy Page

3:30:20Step #23: Create Terms and Conditions Page

3:37:33 Step #24: Create Header and Footer Menus

3:42:46 Step #25: Publish Website

3:45:41 Step #26: Check Woocommerce Pages

This video tutorial has everything you need to build an online store with wordpress. It is a step by step guide on learning how to create an ecommerce website in 2018 with the #1 content management system on the internet, wordpress. We teach you how to make products of all types for your online store so that you have a professional and beautiful wordpress website that will rival any ecommerce website on the internet.

Don’t wait. Learn how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress today 🙂 2018 is the year to have an online store. I can’t wait to help you!

Thanks for watching. Time stamps to come.

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How to Set Up An Online Ecommerce Business in 5 Simple Steps

Get Your Free Online Store Success Pack Here:

Blue Host:


Sapphire Card

In this video I will talk about the top 5 things you need to do to start an online business.

The Five things are
•Get a Domain Name

•Pick A Shopping Cart


•Set Up Your Store

•Drive Traffic

So we’ll talk about that later and number five get traffic to your store. So after you have an online store and online business that’s not enough you need to get traffic to your website and I’ll give you ten different ways to get traffic to your website some of the best ways in my opinion out there for an online business. So bonus at the end of this video we’re gonna talk about some of the legal things DBA SSL LLC S corp all the different stuff yeah n do a brief overview of all of that but let’s get started right now with number one get a domain name very important a lot of people want to skip this step they want to save the twelve dollars a year not get a domain name not a smart decision you want to get a good domain name. So what is a good domain name well it needs to be easy to spell for one if it’s hard to spell people are gonna forget it they’re not gonna know how to spell it. So you might say okay my company is XYZ whatever dot-com but if people aren’t sure the spelling of it they’re gonna make a mistake and they’re just gonna give up. So on top of that it needs to be easy to remember like any business name it should also be easy to remember that’s not enough though it needs to include a keyword now if you’re new to online business online marketing you might not know what that means let me quickly explain it. So let’s say you have a store and you’re selling peanut butter you absolutely love peanut butter. So you decide to sell it online. So a really good domain name would be peanut butter calm now it’s probably taken or probably really expensive and unless you’re a big company you probably can’t afford peanut butter calm. So a good example might be peanut butter lovers calm. So Google knows that this website is peanut-butter people know that this website is about peanut butter and even more. So they know it’s for peanut butter lovers and if they love peanut butter well they’re gonna want to buy peanut butter online obviously. So that’s a great domain name because it helps Google know what your website’s about it also helps people know what your website is about don’t make your domain name don’t make your URL super long if it’s too long people aren’t can be able to spell it it’s gonna they’re gonna forget it it’s also really bad for ranking high up on Google search results because Google knows if you have a really long domain name you’re probably not that serious. So number two picking a shopping cart. So this is also very important a lot of people get hung up on this but it’s not that complicated it’s very easy I have a lot of videos comparing different shopping carts and explaining which one is best but let me give you the short version right here.


SUPER PROFESSIONAL! Create an amazing ecommerce website using wordpress Demo site:
Important links:
HOSTGATOR: (affiliate link)
(affiliate links above)

(affiliate coupon code)
20:04 – Step 1: Register Domain & Hosting – Ecommerce Website

25:01 – Step 2: Go to Email Inbox

25:24 – Step 3: Log into Cpanel

25:44 – Step 4: Install WordPress

27:47 – Step 5: Log into WordPress Website

28:34 – Step 6: Get Shopkeeper theme by Getbowtie

30:17 – Step 7: Install WordPress Ecommerce Theme (online store)

32:39 – Step 8: Install Plugins for Online Store

37:17 – Step 9: Download Demo Content (not necessary)

37:44 – Step 10: Upload Demo Content

38:58 – Step 11: Create Homepage and Blogpost page for Ecommerce Website

41:36 – Step 12: Set up WordPress Website Homepage and Blog page

42:39 – Step 13: Modify Online Store Website Permalinks

43:31 – Step 14: Add WWW. to wordpress URL

45:42 – Step 15: Select Layout Settings for Ecommerce Website

59:56 – Step 16: Create Logo and Favicon for WordPress Website

1:08:44 – Step 17: Create Slider for Ecommerce Online Store

1:42:24 – Step 18: Customize Ecommerce Homepage

2:04:50 – Step 19: Create Shop Page for Online Store with WordPress

2:07:13 – Step 20: Add Widgets to Shopping Page Sidebar

2:09:52 – Step 21: Create Single Product for ecommerce website

2:23:44 – Step 22: Create Variable Products for online store website

2:41:33 – Step 23: Customize Category Pages for ecommerce website

2:44:10 – Step 24: Create About Page for WordPress Website

3:09:21 – Step 25: Create FAQ Page for online store website

3:22:26 – Step 26: Create Contact Us Page for Ecommerce website

3:27:34 – Step 27: Create Terms and Conditions Page

3:32:44 – Step 28: Create Privacy Policy Page

3:36:31 – Step 29: Make sure all the pages have been created

3:38:47 – Step 30: Create blog posts for your ecommerce website

3:45:18 – Step 31: Create Header and Footer menus for wordpress online store

3:48:24 – Step 32: Links everything together

3:54:01 – Step 33: Select Woocommerce Settings for Ecommerce Website

4:05:39 – Step 34: Test Transaction using your ecommerce website / online store with wordpress !

Learn how to create an ecommerce website with WordPress. This is a step by step tutorial on how to make an online store so you can sell whatever you want.

This free tutorial on how to use wordpress to create an ecommerce website will teach you everything about wordpress. You’ll also get step by step help on how to set up your online store so it looks super professional.


Whether you want to make an ecommerce website to sell jewelry, clothes or anything else. This tutorial covers making an online store to sell simple products, variable products, virtual products and downloadable products. Want to see affiliate products through amazon? You can do that too if you make an ecommerce website following this wordpress website tutorial.

Create an eCommerce Website

Learn how to make an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress for Beginners 2018! Demo:
60% Hostgator Discount:

Free Download Theme:
Free Download Images:

In this online store tutorial, I’ll walk you through step by step on how to create an eCommerce Website (using WooCommerce) so you can sell stuff online!


Introduction 0:00
Overview 5:17

Domain & Hosting 9:37
Use Hostgator Discount Code: SHOPNOW for up to 60% OFF & $5.99 Domain

Install WordPress & Configure Settings 16:54
Install Theme 21:40
Install & Configure Plugins 25:14

Add Pages, Menu & Static Homepage 29:17
Configure Theme Settings 35:15
Add Social Links 39:38

Setup SSL Icon for Website 42:52
Important Web Design Tips 44:32
Building Homepage 54:25

Image Size Settings 1:11:51
Add Simple Products 1:14:38
Add Variable Products 1:20:15
Add Downloadable & Virtual Products 1:26:02

Add Featured Products to Home 1:28:15
Configure Shop Page & Product Filter 1:34:16

Setup Tax Settings 1:40:15
Setup Shipping Zones & Classes 1:52:30
Setup Payment Options 2:02:43
Add Coupons 2:05:45

Add Logo & Favicon 2:07:37
Create Colour Palette and Apply to Website 2:11:00
Overview on Responsive Styling Options 2:29:12
Final Words 2:31:24

More videos coming within next week! Will post link here 🙂

Website Design Resources:

Get A FREE Copy of my 6 steps to 6 figures:

Hope you guys enjoyed this online store tutorial, really appreciate everyones kind words! Thank you! 🙂

Hogan Chua

How To Build An Ecommerce Website | 7 Steps To Build Your Online Store

In this video we cover how to build an ecommerce website. We break it down to 7 easy steps to help guide you through the process of launching your online store. For Free Supplier List and resources head on over to:

Start off by choosing a hosting platform that you have full control of. The platform should provide you with the tools and resources you need to grow in the online space. Bluehost and Shopify are two of the top options available online, and they both allow you to purchase a domain name and build the website your way. Your website should be easy to navigate, secure and well designed. Focus on the visuals, text and layout of content to help customer make a buying decision.






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How To Create eCommerce Website In WordPress (Step by Step)

Ecommerce website development tutorial
New Video:

Hеrе іn thіѕ video уоu wіll learn tо build ecommerce website using wordpress іn hindi. I wіll teach уоu tо create complete аnd fully responsive eommerce website іn wordpress, step bу step wіth thе online payment option, free ecommerce wordpress theme.

Yоu саn make eCommerce website іn WordPress fоr free, without аnу coding оr programming knowledge. It’s eCommerce website full course іn Hindi.

Follow thе steps below tо build уоur оwn eCommerce website:

1. DOMAIN & HOSTING: 03:02
Tо create уоur eCommerce website уоu need уоur website name (i.e Domain name) аnd Hosting. Thаt уоu саn buy frоm

In thе second step уоu need tо install WordPress оn уоur eCommerce website. Find thе latest version оf WordPress

Now install eCommerce supported WordPress theme оn уоur website.

4. WOOCOMMERCE WordPress Plugin: 13:40
Now уоu need tо install WooCommerce аnd оthеr required WordPress plugins tо create уоur eCommerce Website.

In next step уоu саn upload products оn уоur online shop. Create multiple products category аnd upload multiple products оn уоur eCommerce website оn wordpress.

Customize уоur store front page, sidebar, menu, header аnd footer area.

Now install аnd configure online payment gateway plugin оn уоur online store tо accept payment online.

***** Now уоur оwn eCommerce website/Online stote іѕ ready tо sell уоur products online *****

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