Rectangular and Cube Rimless Low Iron Aquariu…


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The tank is made of heavy duty thick 5-8 mm low iron glass is features super white side panes of glass rated more than 91 percent transparency.
Dimensions: 4Gal 30X21X24cm = 11.8X8.3X9.4inch 5mm
6Gal 36X24X27cm = 14.1X9.4X10.6inch 5mm
10Gal 45X27X30cm = 17.7X10.6X11.8inch 5mm
2.5Gal 20X20X25cm = 7.8X7.8X9.8inch 5mm
28.5Gal 60X45X40cm = 23.6X17.7X15.7inch 8mm
25.3Gal 60X40X40cm = 23.6X15.7X15.7inch 8mm
36.3Gal 50X50X55cm = 19.6X19.6X21.6inch 8mm
26.7Gal 45X45X50cm = 17.7X17.7X19.6inch 8mm
11.9Gal 50X30X30cm = 19.6X11.8X11.8inch 8mm
10.7Gal 45X30X30cm = 17.7X11.8X11.8inch 6mm
8.3Gal 30X30X35cm = 11.8X11.8X13.7inch 6mm
5Gal 25X25X30cm = 9.8X9.8X11.8inch 6mm

Create something more natural than Nature. Bring Nature to your everyday life. The Nature Aquarium is a proposal to construct your own piece of Nature with all its beauty, as a part of the interior design of your home. Simplicity and Clarity are the two key factors we paid close attention to in designing aquarium tanks for The Nature Aquarium. Eliminating plastic frames and refining the use of silicon as not to clash the clarity of the glass made of selected material. The Nature Aquarium concept has succeeded to design glass aquarium tanks which give your aquascapes a boundless panorama.

Return Policy
Our products are manufactured under standard process and have high quality guaranteed. However, we still suggest that once you receive the tank, please add water in it and test for leakage. If you have leakage issue, please return the tank to us and you will get full refund or have another one for free.
If there is any damage or scratch during the shipping, please contact us within 24 hour after you receive the products and make pictures for them. Once we confirm, you will get full refund or have another one for free.