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Belmint FDA Cleared TENS Unit Massager Muscle Stimulator Pain Relief Therapy – Belmint – Bring Sleek Home

Belmint FDA Cleared TENS Unit Massager Muscle Stimulator Pain Relief Therapy


  • Powerful TENS Unit for Pain Management and Muscle Relief – The Belmint TENS unit pulse massager features microcomputer controls that you can easily adjust with available 15 modes and 20 diverse levels of intensity to help relieve chronic pain, stiffness, tensions, arthritis, muscle soreness and inflamed joints. If you can imagine a massage from Jesus, this tens muscle stimulator is what is all about
  • 9 Auto Stimulation Programs Target the Affected Area – Our tens therapy pulse massager has advanced 9 auto modes, fully adjustable speed and intensity and high frequency pulses which are all delivered through the powerful healing electrode pads, these stimulation programs contracts and releases the muscles to give you muscle pain relief in different areas in your body
  • Large Digital LCD Display with Pre-Programmed Buttons – The comprehensive LCD display gives you data to exactly what you need for your targeted area including the type of massage (knead, acu (acupuncture), tap, scraping, cupping, random) and the time left on the cycle. Buttons are labeled with words like shoulder, back, knee, and foot – allowing you an easy way to get the perfect massage to get rid of the pain easily
  • Portable Design for On-The-Go Massage Relief – The included belt clip makes it convenient and handy to carry with you for on the go. Use it after the gym to relieve muscle soreness and even travelling

Stress, muscle soreness, stiffness and chronic pain melt away with Belmint TENS pulse massager

Great Performance for Relieving Pain and Muscle Stimulation

The Belmint TENS Pulse Massager combines the benefits of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, pulse massager and electrical muscle stimulation that delivers through the powerful electrode pads pain relief therapy via involuntary muscle contractions.

Outlined to offer traditional chinese medicine and western technology, our electronic pulse massager is a sought-after device used by professional chiropractors and clinics to help their patients treat chronic pains associated with overworked muscles, arthritis, knots, stiffness, joint tensions and more.

Why Choose Belmint Pulse Massager

  • Wide range of auto modes to manage pain and improve circulation
  • Adjustable speed and intensity levels for a personal massage pain relief
  • Increase the body’s natural ability to heal and recover
  • The 8 electrode pads can be used at the same time in different part of the body
  • Engineered by specialists and professionals to get rid of all of your aches and pains
  • Target the affected area effectively

Lightweight, Portable and Compact for On-The-Go

This pulse massager comes with a travelling case so you can take this electronic massager for athletic training, gym, long flights, and more. It makes a great gift for family members.

Package Includes:

  • Belmint TENS unit electronic massager
  • Adapter and micro USB cord
  • User manual
  • 8 Conductive electrode pads
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Travelling case

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